Delectable menus

At Nasib Catering we are justly proud of our wide menu of North Indian and Punjabi cuisine. We have a range of recommended menus from traditional Tikka Masala to Lamb and Prawn dishes. Vegetarians are catered for with fresh, aromatic and authentic dishes, all prepared with the freshest ingredients and herbs and spices.

Vegetarian Speciality

Nasib Catering specialises in pure vegetarian functions; in fact we have designated areas and cooking utensils that are used solely for the purpose of preparing and cooking vegetarian food.

Starters & Canapés

Starters and canapés have been created to excite and complement the banqueting experience, with a range of intensely flavoured chicken, meat and fish, plus beautifully presented vegetarian options, all guaranteed to be the perfect start to your banquet.

Finest all-inclusive menus

Our all-inclusive menus have been carefully selected by our award-winning chefs with only the finest dishes prepared for your banquet.

Rich & Exotic Desserts

Tempting desserts will be the perfect finish and we have a range of superb, rich and exotic options, from fruit dishes to freshly prepared kulfi or rass to choose from.

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